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NextEngine Sanner

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We have a 3D scanner that we use for prototyping some of our vacuum form molds.

Listed below is a link to the manufacturers website with video links to Jay Leno's Garage and a Myth Busters episode that show some of the types of things that we have done in-house.We can scan 3D parts and produce a vacuum forming mold from it.

Click on the link below, go to the picture of Jay Leno at the bottom and select it for the video section.

This is a much better video than we could shoot for the scanner. With the combination of the scanner and our CNC mill we can do the same type of work you see.


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  • Make molds from customer supplied samples.
  • Part, drawings, or CAD files in most standard formats can be used.
  • Can design parts to be formed to suit the customers specific needs.
  • Can perform limited trimming and assembly.
  • Computer vinyl cutting capabilities. Maximum 24" width.

Vacuum Forming Specs

  • Materials for vacuum forming: Polycarbonate, ABS, PVC, ETC.
  • Sheet thicknesses up to: .125" (3MM)
  • Maximum sheet size: 24" x 30"
  • Short runs our specialty

 Clear Lexan bodies for the radio controlled cars  Cup Holder to fit sport cars

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What we do..

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  • We have over 35 years experience in designing model racing cars, bodies and accessories for them. From 1/32 to 1/8 scales.
  • Produced molds to make racing bodies for radio controlled cars that have won many regional and national championships.
  • Designed and produced specialty products for the automotive industry.
  • Produced customized part trays for production, assembly and shipping requirements.
  • We specialized in making molds to customers specs or design to their requirements.
  • We form parts from customer supplied molds as well.
  • Specialize in short run forming (1 to 1,000)

Custom parts tray for assembly, inventory and shipping  Vacuum form mold for radio controlled car bodies

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